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You spend 90% of your time in your
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Hear from our clients


We bought a home that Zerik flipped for $420,000. And we LOVED living in it. When we bought it, it was the most expensive house on the block. We went for it, because it spoke to us. After a year, my family and I needed to move. We sold it for $550,000. We literally made $100,00+ on Zerik’s flipped property. Crazy. It’s still the most expensive house on the block.

- NevanCheck out the house

It’s like, you don’t know what you’re missing when you’re living in a “normal” home. When you walk into his properties, you can literally feel the soul. Zerik is a visionary. He just gets me. He just gets people. And that translates into his homes.

- Crystal Check out the house

I chose to work with Zerik because one of the first things he said to me is "Developers control the way our world looks. Instead of everything looking the same, I choose to make art, you can live in."  Indeed, his boutique hotel  is breathtaking. This space  brings good times. You can feel the soul through the walls. 

- JaclynCheck out the house