Tree House


The actual shape of this house has a joyful personality. The open backyard asked for something cheerful. In the treehouse, we bring together playful vibes and clean lines through the space. 


The flow is in the detail. In a lot of our designs, you’ll notice we use unexpected colors, reclaimed wood, and industrial textiles, What we love about this home is that it does all that in a really playful way. 

Check out the turquoise light fixture (industrial), the metal insert in the wooden fence, the custom kitchen island that’s half marble and half wood. The materials all come together and create a consistent experience of flow, inside & out. 

Favorite detail?

In the center of this home was an attic space, which is normally a wasted opportunity.

We converted that tiny attic into an urban treehouse, a secret play space for children accessed by a hidden ladder that seems to lead nowhere – until you open the hidden hatch. Climb up the ladder and you’ll see the home from a completely different perspective.

Custom Features:

  • Refinished wood flooring
  • Newly constructed redwood deck
  • Funky front porch
  • Secret “Tree House” inside in the form of a wood paneled loft
  • Many-moment outdoor space 
  • Custom light fixture
  • Wrap-around fence solution