At-a-glance inspo:

Maximizing the space and inventing new rooms


When we found it, this home had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a ton of unused space, and it smelled like cat pee.

We saw an opportunity. We converted it into a three-bed, two-bath: same square footage, more effective use of space. When we converted the attic into a loft, we created a cozy reflection spot for you or a play area for kids. The loft has a little balcony that overlooks the space. From downstairs, it looks like art. It’s like a secret hideaway.

The project was a collision of polarities, inside and out – by example of the painted brick fireplace in front of a wood-paneled wall. The contrasting materials and colors create a fresh, urban space that is edgy, yet peaceful

Favorite detail:

Reflecting a lot of our designs at Habitable Art, wood-paneled on the walls has all been repurposed from the wood stripped from the home during the rebuild. This reuse of materials is a way to add soul, honoring the history of the building, reclaiming it, and display it artfully. You can take a look at this treatment in the guest bedroom, the loft, or the fireplace backdrop. 

Custom Features:

  • Refinished wood paneling, flooring, garden deck
  • Vaulted ceiling with exposed beams
  • Cozy, wood-paneled loft
  • Custom light fixtures made from plumbing pipes
  • Custom fire pit