At-a-Glance Inspo:

How do you modernize a cottage-style home so it feels fresh and vibrant, yet still keeps that homey cozy vibe? This place has great views, so we echoed the colors and flow of the outside views on the interior style. 


I’ve gotta be honest before we got started, this place was a dumpster fire. But the house had character, and the views are unbeatable. Good problem to have. 


We chose rich and vibrant colors for the home’s exterior. The key is to ensure that even the boldest colors on the exterior do not compete with the natural beauty. Instead, the exterior colors should echo and enhance the environment. Brown shingles and blue siding synergized with the outside perfectly.  


On the inside, we maximized the view. As you walk through the front door you’re immediate greeted by a sculptural staircase with a custom-designed railing in electric sky blue.  In a lot of ways, the iconic staircase is the focal point, but it guides your eyes right back outside. It’s a frame for the outside world.


With an inviting little nook, we maximized the space under the stairwell by providing another “moment” for someone to lounge underneath with a book or listen to some good tunes. 

Other details like a grey-slab fireplace keep your eye moving through the home. The blue-painted ceiling beams draw your eye back up to the sky. 

Often, we look at the view in the distance and miss what’s right in front of us. With this project, we wanted to encourage people to see the interplay between the home and its surroundings, using the home to frame the perspective of outside views. 

Custom Features:

  • Double volume ceiling
  • Brick slab fireplace
  • Stone terrace
  • Stairwell nook and custom railing 
  • Blue ceiling beam
  • Repurposed and reclaimed wood 
  • Bespoke dining room table