At-a-Glance Inspo:  

Homestead was built on the philosophy that what makes a space special is the love that’s in it.


A boutique hotel, Homestead has been soulfully curated to make your stay an energizing and inspiring one. We’ve combined urban vibrancy with all the comforts of home to create a place to play and rediscover joy. Want to visit?  Come and stay awhile to experience the intersection of art and soul.

There are four units that come together in one beautiful home, complete with many murals, unexpected pops of color, reclaimed wood, and even a vibrant gate where function meets art. The colors of the warm LA skyline and sunset contrast in perfect balance with the cool colors and accent-pops, making this home an experience you can feel. 


I gave voice to my soul in this one. If a home were a self-portrait, this would be mine. This kind of self-expression is what I will achieve with your Soul Home, so that your new Soulful Home or next investment property will be a true reflection of you as a person.

The thing is —most people have lost sight of what really makes a space special. Where we reside is a direct representative of living elements and heart. Spaces need to be interacted with and cared for on a deep level in order to become a place to unwind, relax, and enjoy. This belief is the foundation of our unique boutique hotel line, Homestead.

Custom Features:

  • Repurposed wood paneling – all from the initial building 
  • Colored original moldings
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Vibrant murals and thoughtfully curated art —notice how the mural spills up onto the ceiling. 
  • Repurposed attic turned executive office 
  • Game rooms 
  • Hotel-style bathroom—even make your bathrobe hanging by your bed look like art