Tangerine Dream


A craftsman-style home with a whole new freshness. 


A craftsman-style brought to life with repurposed wood and a bold addition: orange. It’s warm, dynamic, and vibrant. Really, we got inspired from the color orange. This is among my favorite homes (if you can’t tell, the website draws some inspo from this place).  

This was an investment property for the team. We shared our plans to paint a mural on the entire back wall with the realtor. Her response?

“You want to paint the wood siding? No way. Do not paint the back wall of the home. I’m serious. Don’t.”

Welp. Can’t stop the flow of inspiration. Now, it’s the talking point of the whole home, and it’s what made the buyer come in over the asking price. 

Orange pops and reclaimed wood move from outside the space through the home and to the backyard. Scroll through the photos to find the burnt orange pops throughout. 

We also made a detached studio or office-hang-out-space and repurposed what a garage door was for—it opens all the way up so you can enjoy the fresh air while you work. 

Custom Features

  • Custom rear deck
  • Refinished wood flooring, paneling, ceiling, and moldings
  • Deck with custom floating fire pit
  • Garage studio space with attached pergola that pops


Address: 3505 7TH AVENUE LOS ANGELES CA 90018