About Habitable Art

Habitable Art is not just an Art + Build Lab; it’s a movement for social change.

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B.A of Architecture Master’s in City & Regional Planning, Honors.


Everyone deserves a soulful place to live, work, & play that makes them feel unique, like a boss from the inside out out.

Here’s Our Core Focus:

Architectural alchemists and developers with a conscience, Zerik and team uses their dynamic design process to create residential and specialized commercial spaces that are fresh, and edgy, and full of soul.

Making the Hood Pencil

Here’s what we don’t mean—we don’t make money off the hood. We put money INTO the hood. We integrate, not gentrify. And we’re on a mission to inject millions of dollars into the local economy, with a keen focus on underserved communities.

Creating connection with shared spaces

With an emphasis on community, we create shared spaces to bring people together.

Soul - plain and simple

Making the home a piece of art that speaks to you is everything. It drives us nuts that four walls are thrown up across cookie-cutter developments. It’s sterile. It’s not integrative. Living with soul is part of a full life, and our homes need to reflect that. 

Zerik is a licensed contractor, architectural alchemist, artist, developer, and visionary. He’s also the founder of Habitable Art.

Words from Zerik

As a kid, I was always testing my imagination. There were no rules. I created freely, without holdback. I believe we were all like that. Then, at the expense of our natural curiosity, we were taught to respect the rules. Now, we keep trying to find our way back to that childhood imagination and early adulthood passion that says anything is possible.

To be honest, architecture school was full of this kind of thinking that keeps things the same.

Why not? Turns out, when you break those rules people feel more at home in their unique expression. They’re happier. When we’re talking about investment properties, dope real estate sells for more.

Now I’m breaking the rules, and breathing life back into the built environment. Think about it—developers control the way the world looks. I think we should live in a world where everyone gets to have nice places & spaces, that are imaginative, soulful, and fresh.

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That’s why we build homes with soul, curated to you, the space, and the community.